A Blood Moon

An award-winning, Amazon #1 Best-Seller graphic novel for animal fantasy fans that delivers a daring adventure and a mysterious threat that has animals-prey and predator alike-disappearing.

"Sumptuous visuals and intriguing ideas will leave readers hungry for more time in the Snowlands."

Morr Meroz

Collin Fogel

Children’s Fantasy Graphic Novel

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An award-winning, Amazon #1 Best-Seller graphic novel for animal fantasy fans that delivers a daring adventure and a mysterious threat that has animals-prey and predator alike-disappearing.

In the heart of the Snowlands, prey and predator alike mysteriously disappear, as three outcasts come together in an epic adventure that will change their lives forever.

Feba, an orphaned wolf cub believed to be cursed, is banished from her starving pack. Usha, a fierce snow leopard, embarks on a perilous quest to seek the wisdom of the enigmatic Seeress. And Batu, a bumbling wild cat who can’t hold a tune, yearns for a place where he can belong. Together, they form an unlikely trio, bound by fate.

On their journey, they must face their fears, confront the deceptive creatures of the frosty wilderness, and navigate the deadly obstacles that await them at every turn.

Each step takes them deeper into danger where they encounter other creatures-some helpful, some deceitful-and uncover a widespread peril in the mountains, the fate of the missing animals, and what having a family truly means.

Brace yourself for a heart-stopping adventure of love, loss, and the enduring power of friendship in this award-winning best-selling graphic novel. A must-read for animal fantasy fans, Snowlands is an unforgettable tale that will captivate your heart and leave you breathless.

Snowlands is an epic tale of survival and friendship full of wild creatures, magical mysteries, and dangerous terrain perfect for middle-grade fans of Erin Hunter’s Braveland and Warriors series.

Morr Meroz is an animation filmmaker, award-winning author, and the founder of Bloop Animation Studios

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, Morr worked as a character animator in some of the best NYC studios, such as Framestore, MTV, and Aardman Nathan Love.

In 2013, Morr founded Bloop Animation Studios and started producing animated short films. His shorts were screened in film festivals all around the world, including a premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival. In addition to making films, Morr launched Bloop Animation’s educational initiative, which has become a leading animation learning platform with thousands of students that features dozens of courses, tutorials, and guidebooks about animation filmmaking.

In 2020, Morr founded The Snowlands Company to create books and graphic novels, including the new Snowlands graphic novel series. His screenplay Snowlands, which this book is based on, is an Academy Nicholl quarterfinalist, a Second Rounder in the Austin Film Festival, and was the top animation screenplay on the Black List. He lives with his family in New York City.​​

“A vivid, lesson-packed tale of friendship and perseverance, Snowlands is a visual feast, an emotional rollercoaster, and a powerful parable of finding peace with the past.” – Self-Publishing Review ★★★★★

“Snowlands: A Blood Moon has a perfect balance of incredible storytelling, rich artwork, and a stunning conclusion. A tale of the true value of friendship in a world where survival is key is the thrilling start to what I hope will be a long-term series full of exceptional adventure.” – Literary Titan ★★★★★

“A phenomenal graphic novel that teaches an important lesson about accepting others and loving each other for our differences.” – Reedsy Discovery

“Meroz and Fogel give a fully realized graphic novel treatment that creates a satisfying experience.” – Booklife

What age group is Snowlands suitable for?
8 years old or older should be pretty safe to read this book. Some mature 7-year-old kids could be ok as well. 8-14 is the sweet spot.

What other books are similar to Snowlands?
Some examples of similar books are the Bravelands and Warriors series, as well as Wolfwalkes, and Amulet.

Does this book contain any graphic violence or mature language?
While there are a few deaths in the book, they are depicted mildly and without any gore. There is no mature language in the book.

Is my child too old for this book? It looks like something they would enjoy, but I’m concerned it might be too young for them.
I doubt the book will be too young for any child, as this was not written as a kid’s book. Without knowing your child’s age I can assure you he will not be too old for this book.

Is this book a part of a series or a standalone graphic novel?
This is the first book in a trilogy. The second installment is currently in production. However, this book stands on its own with a complete standalone story.

How big is this book?
This is a premium hardcover graphic novel, 7×11 inches, and almost 2lb. It was custom-printed in the highest quality possible.

Where can I purchase the book?
The hardcover is available for purchase on this website, as well as on Amazon. The ebook version is available on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and Nook.

Are there any lesson plans or discussion guides available for Snowlands?
Yes! I’ve created a discussion guide and supplemental activities to help parents and educators engage young readers in meaningful conversations about the themes, characters, and events in Snowlands. You can download them for free on this page.

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