A Blood Moon

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The mission of The Snowlands Company is to create a world that readers, both kids, and adults, will want to visit over and over again. We understand how important fictional worlds are to people, and we hope to create one that does what fictional worlds do best: provide a home away from home.

“A vivid, lesson-packed tale of friendship and perseverance, Snowlands is a visual feast, an emotional rollercoaster, and a powerful parable of finding peace with the past.”



“Snowlands: A Blood Moon has a perfect balance of incredible storytelling, rich artwork, and a stunning conclusion. A tale of the true value of friendship in a world where survival is key is the thrilling start to what I hope will be a long-term series full of exceptional adventure.”



About the Author

Morr Meroz is an animation filmmaker, award-winning author, and the founder of Bloop Animation and The Snowlands Company.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, Morr worked as a character animator in some of the best NYC studios, such as Framestore, MTV, and Aardman Nathan Love.

In 2013, Morr founded Bloop Animation Studios and started producing animated short films. His shorts were screened in film festivals all around the world, including a premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival. In addition to making films, Morr launched Bloop Animation’s educational initiative, which has become a leading animation learning platform with thousands of students that features dozens of courses, tutorials, and guidebooks about animation filmmaking.

In 2020, Morr founded The Snowlands Company to create books and graphic novels, including the new Snowlands graphic novel series. His screenplay Snowlands, which this book is based on, is an Academy Nicholl quarterfinalist, a Second Rounder in the Austin Film Festival, and was the top animation screenplay on the Black List.

He lives with his family in New York City.​​

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